Peace Treaty

09/12/2010 21:19
From Haaretz:  In April 2009, the EU suspended the upgrade process after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a reassessment of the peace process and Israeli-PA talks were subsequently suspended. By Barak Ravid The Foreign Ministry has asked senior European Union officials to renew the...
09/06/2010 09:03
From Israel National News:  Defense Minister Ehud Barak signed a security agreement Monday morning with his Russian counterpart, Defense Minister Anatoly Sarediokov, at the Russian Defense Minister's office in Moscow. The wide ranging agreement is the fruit of a long period of...
09/04/2010 12:18
From  The skepticism which plagued the Palestinian camp prior to the recent relaunch of direct Middle East peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority has all but disappeared, aides to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told the...
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