New Roman Empire Forming

10/19/2012 22:09
European Union leaders have agreed plans to complete the European banking union by January 2014, after the general elections in Germany. The concession was made to Angela Merkel who argued for "quality" over "speed" in putting in place the new supervisory system. After a night of discussions,...
10/12/2012 19:38
The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize for its long-term role in uniting the continent, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said on Friday, an award seen as a morale boost for the bloc as it struggles to resolve its debt crisis. The committee praised the 27-nation EU for rebuilding after World...
10/06/2012 20:27
To stop the crisis, a decisive move towards a federal EU is needed! Federal Union Now! WE CAMPAIGN FOR: - Further reforms of the EU treaties, reinforced surveillance and discipline of national economic and fiscal policies. - A robust EU-wide plan for growth and development for the recovery...
09/26/2012 20:39
UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a speech Wednesday before the U.N. General Assembly, called for a new world order in which all people are respected. Ahmadinejad toned down his attacks on Israel and the United States, instead focusing on what he called...
09/20/2012 21:14
One of the problems of the emerging solution to the European debt crisis is the migration towards a more federal Europe with centralized economic policy and supervision. This would be the price that Germany and other financially solvent states in Europe will exact for assuming debt burdens or a...
09/16/2012 08:51
In his state of the union speech September 12, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso called for Europe to become a “federation.” “A deep and genuine economic and monetary union, a political union, with a coherent foreign and defense policy, means ultimately that the present European...
09/03/2012 18:52
The head of Europe's financial bailout fund, Klaus Regling, said the eurozone crisis could be over in "one or two years" if member states stick to their pledges, in an interview to be published on Monday. "If all countries in the currency zone strictly fulfil their budgetary consolidation...
09/03/2012 18:46
Germany's chancellor to call for convention to draw up rules on tighter political union. Angela Merkel wants leaders of European Union member states to set up a convention for a new EU treaty by the end of the year to formalise steps towards tighter political union, according to German press...
08/26/2012 08:54
DW:   Angela Merkel has called for a new EU treaty, a proposal facing tepid interest from member states, according to news magazine Spiegel. For months, Merkel has stressed the need for more Europe to solve the debt crisis. One proposal concerns expanding the European Court of...
08/20/2012 22:00
MoneyControl:  German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced support for ECB President Mario Draghi's crisis-fighting strategy on Thursday and pressed her European partners to move swiftly towards a closer integration of fiscal policies, saying time was running short. On a visit to the Canadian...
08/20/2012 21:54
NewEurope:  European Commissioner for Justice Viviane Reding has put forward a five point plan to ignite a debate on the future of the European Union, but this intervention is aimed at policy experts and the 500 million European citizens. Writing 20 years after the Maastricht Treaty, she...
08/08/2012 07:11
DNA:  An Italian newspaper owned by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has stirred controversy by printing a front page headline that reads 'Fourth Reich' above a picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The picture along with the article in newspaper Il Giornale, which also showed...
07/12/2012 20:27
LSE:  Over 200 years ago, the German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, predicted the rise of a great political body in Europe, akin to the present European Union. Using Kant’s ‘philosophical triangle’ Simon Glendinning argues that Europe’s present position as a region of connected, but sovereign...
07/05/2012 19:42  he European Parliament voted today by 501 to 132 (with 38 abstentions) a political resolution on the outcome of the European Council meeting 27-28 June. The outcome is welcomed by the co-chairs of the Spinelli MEPs, the federalist intergroup in the Parliament (with 108...
06/21/2012 20:25
LAHT: NEW YORK – Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe began a visit to the United States with a speech on Wednesday urging stronger euro zone institutions as a remedy for his country’s “serious economic difficulties.” “Some of the problems we face are shared by other European countries, also part of the...
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Watching the Rise of the New Roman Empire

A great site for what's happening in the EU is:

Europe 2020 The economic reform plan for the New Word Order

An EU Directory For EU News and Prophecy Buffs

One World Global Government

Daniel 2:40-43

Following that kingdom, there will be a fourth one, as strong as iron. That kingdom will smash and crush all previous empires, just as iron smashes and crushes everything it strikes.  The feet and toes you saw were a combination of iron and baked clay, showing that this kingdom will be divided. Like iron mixed with clay, it will have some of the strength of iron. But while some parts of it will be as strong as iron, other parts will be as weak as clay. This mixture of iron and clay also shows that these kingdoms will try to strengthen themselves by forming alliances with each other through intermarriage. But they will not hold together, just as iron and clay do not mix.

Daniel 7:23

Then he said to me, “This fourth beast is the fourth world power that will rule the earth. It will be different from all the others. It will devour the whole world, trampling and crushing everything in its path.

Revelation 13:7-8

And the beast was allowed to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And he was given authority to rule over every tribe and people and language and nation. And all the people who belong to this world worshiped the beast. They are the ones whose names were not written in the Book of Life before the world was made—the Book that belongs to the Lamb who was slaughtered.


The Harlot on the Beast...

Revelation 17:1-6

Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters,  with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”
So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.  And on her forehead a name was written:
I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.

Now, click here for some of the images that are being used by the EU and then tell me what you think.

European Union flag

Treaty of Lisbon

EU Council Bldg. Tower of Babel?

EU Gains More Power

Interview with Gary Kah regarding the Last Days

The EU Explained by its Presidents

EU is an Empire (New Roman Empire)

New Roman Empire: Government Control

02/26/2014 07:47
The US Supreme Court has ruled that police may search a home without obtaining a warrant despite the objection of one occupant if that occupant has been removed from the premises. With its 6 to 3 decision in Fernandez v. California on Tuesday, the Court sided with law enforcement’s ability to...
02/20/2014 21:06
The Obama administration’s Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is poised to place government monitors in newsrooms across the country in an absurdly draconian attempt to intimidate and control the media. Before you dismiss this assertion as utterly preposterous (we all know how that turned out...
11/06/2013 09:49
 The EU justice commissioner thinks Europe needs its own central intelligence office, as a "counterweight" to the NSA. But the legal and political obstacles are significant, say experts, and would it even be worth it? BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 28: A visitor takes a photo of the U.S. Embassy...
07/27/2013 08:54
The federal government has demanded that major internet companies turn over users’ stored passwords, two sources told the respected tech website CNet. So what exactly does this “escalation” — as CNet calls it — mean? “If the government is able to determine a person’s password, which is typically...
07/12/2013 10:51
    “How lucky for those in power that people don’t think.” -Adolph Hitler America is in more trouble than you might think. We keep putting the word out and trying to wake people up, but the video you are about to see is very disheartening. As someone who took a long time to wake up...
06/12/2013 09:15
WASHINGTON – The EU is demanding assurances that Europeans’ rights are not being infringed by massive, newly revealed US surveillance program. Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding plans to raise the concerns with US Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday. Last week a series of leaks by a former CIA...
02/12/2013 07:15
UK leader David Cameron has criticised a potential secret ballot on the long-term EU budget. "The idea of having a secret ballot in a parliament seems to me completely wrong. The fact is that you send MEPs to Brussels so you can see what they do on your behalf.” EUObserver
05/10/2012 06:46
DW:  Mankind may face extinction if it fails to change its ways, the Club of Rome think tank has said. Short-sighted political and economical models are the problem, according to a new report by the group. If mankind does not take more action to alleviate climate change, it will soon see...
04/20/2012 19:47
DW:  The EU parliament has approved a contentious data sharing deal with the US. Washington hopes that data of passengers flying in from the EU will help in the war on terror. Critics warn it's a violation of privacy. Critics of the deal had tried until the last minute to convince their...
01/07/2012 07:47
EUObserver:  BRUSSELS - EU member states are on Friday (6 January) to discuss the latest draft of a new pact on the financial crisis, focusing on how the European Commission can sanction debt-sinners and how to merge the new treaty with EU law despite a UK veto. According to the latest...
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EU = Babylon?

One World Religion

Revelation 13:8, 12

And all the people who belong to this world worshiped the beast. They are the ones whose names were not written in the Book of Life before the world was made—the Book that belongs to the Lamb who was slaughtered.He exercised all the authority of the first beast. And he required all the earth and its people to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed.

New Roman Empire

Ancient Roman Empire

Guy Verhofstad: Watch This Dude (carefully)

Erika Grey says...

In my book I tell you that the EU Commission is the power center of the EU and its President runs the Union and this seat will launch the Antichrist because all of the powers that the Antichrist will have can be fulfilled from this position. The book of Daniel describes the Antichrist's political seat as a "little horn" because it is relatively new in comparison to the ten kings (big horns) who come from the established kingdoms.  

 The EU Commission president while he has been on the world stage, he has pretty much been low key and not so recognized, but this has never taken from the fact of the importance of the position.   I was surprised when the Associated Press ran an article on Van Rompey who chairs the European Council, formerly the EU Council of Ministers and they thought that his presidency (which the Lisbon treaty established )would now run the European Union, when in fact the EU Parliament has a President as does the EU Court of Justice--also an EU governing body.   I remember Borrosso, the current EU Commission President at the time told the media that it was not Van Rompey whose number Washington would call but the Commission President i.e. his number.   This was based on a comment by Henry Kissinger years ago about the US having one number to phone in the EU as the EU has one number to phone in the US i.e. our president.  The Associated Press did not have its facts right on the EU's institutions and Borroso corrected them.

 We know that the Antichrist's position allows him a lot of recognition and a platform to speak and get his deceptive views known to the world.   Based on what I read this week it looks like this platform is now being prepared,  The EU Commission President had its first "State of the Union" address (set up by the Lisbon treaty) which is identicle to our State of the Union Address which is televised.

 In addition, according to the article below, the Commission is making changes which will beef up their presence and get their political message out and make sure the Commission President gets the proper coverage and credit.

 Here is a quote and when I read this I think, of how the future president will be the Antichrist and of course the spotlight will need to be on him for him to do the job Satan has for him to do. 

 'Personalisation' of EU politics

The credibility and the success of the EU project "can work only if the Commission is perceived as the EU's government". "We can achieve this by centreing our communication on the figure of the president," the person close to the matter told EurActiv, adding that the new strategy will be geared towards greater "personalisation".

What is interesting is that New Zealand had an earthquake this week, we also had other disasters, and while the earth is preparing for Armageddon world politics fall into place as well and within the EU the Commission Presidency, the power center of the EU is evolving to provide the Antichrist the platform prepared for him by Satan.


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