UN Report: World Running Out of Food, Fuel for Growing Population

01/31/2012 20:21

UCN:  A major United Nations report on sustainability has warned time is running out to ensure there is enough food, water and fuel to meet the needs of the world's rapidly growing population.
In a grim warning about the earth's increasing demand for resources, the report found demand will grow exponentially as the global population rises from 7 billion people to an expected 9 billion by 2040.

Within the next 20 years the world's population will need 50 per cent more food, 45 percent more energy and 30 percent more water, according to UN estimates.

The report warns a failure to secure resources will condemn up to 3 billion people to poverty.

The report's authors have urged governments to tackle sustainable development with a greater sense of urgency and political will.

"The current global development model is unsustainable," the report reads.

"To achieve sustainability, a transformation of the global economy is required. Tinkering on the margins will not do the job. The current global economic crisis ... offers an opportunity for significant reforms."


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