U.S. Keeps Yellowstone Eruption Secret; Australia Agreed to House Casualties

05/07/2014 10:05


On March 30, a region around the supervolcano Yellowstone had a 4.8 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake sparked wild theories claiming that the U.S. government knew about an impending Yellowstone eruption and had in fact entered an agreement with Australia, Brazil and Argentina to house casualties.

More conspiracy theories, compiled by The Epoch Times, spoke of Yellowstone Volcano Eruption despite U.S. Geological Service officials already denying the looming eruption.

One theory suggests that Feds had already been informed about the coming eruption, but the agency remained mum. The infamous Web site Before It’s News posted several videos to support this theory. The most popular radio involved a local radio broadcaster reporting an evacuation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, due to severe landslides. Officials in Wyoming were quick to address the broadcast saying, that the landslides were caused by harmless underground movement not connected to the Yellowstone volcano.

Another theory was sparked by a report from USA Today, featuring evacuations happening in the small town of Opal. Opal is approximately 150 miles of Yellowstone. The evacuations were caused by fire explosion from a gas-processing plant, according to the USA Today report. However, conspiracist believed that the U.S. Geological Service was just being discreet about data pointing an earthquake that happened in Yellowstone. According to a source, the U.S. Geological Service and Washington are preparing for millions of refugees. TruNews


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