The Muslim World is Being Transformed by the Gospel

04/17/2012 20:03

Persecution:  Throughout the Islamic world, Muslims are coming to Christ like never before. How? Through radio broadcasts and satellite television. Just take a look at these revealing 2012 statistics from ICC ministry partners. In January through March, Muslims were told about Christ by ICC-supported ministers almost 4,000 times by phone, over 50,000 times by e-mail, and over 100 times during face-to-face visits. In all those conversations, over 300 former Muslims were led into a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord!

How does it work? Many Muslims respond to a Christian media broadcast by calling the number that is given at the end of the broadcast. They are then directed to an ICC partner who will share the Gospel to them. It is only through your generous donations that ICC is able to support Christian television and radio broadcasts as well as ministers in the world’s most persecuted countries to share Christ with Muslims.

“I left the darkness of Islam and came to the light of the Lord Jesus after watching a Christian television broadcast,” a new Egyptian believer recently told an ICC sponsored representative. “Even though my life is threatened and my husband has thrown me away and does not support me financially and in spite of all my problems I am facing after coming to Christ, yet my life is full of joy because I belong to Jesus and I am God’s daughter.”

Month:                                                   January                     February                March              2012 Totals

Calls to Muslims:                                   1,150                           1,100                     1,679                3,939

E-mails to Muslims:                                9,135                          13,352                  29,903              52,390

Face to face visits with Muslims:             54                        31                           32                      117

New believers connected to church:         14                   11                              12                             37

Declared salvations:                     126                                   93                          89                      308

Note: the statistics are given to ICC from ICC ministry partners. The numbers are only those that our partners are aware of, but do not account for all of the Muslims who receive Christ as a result of ICC-supported media broadcasts or through ministries not supported by ICC. Just think of how much more God is doing that we’re unaware of!


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