The Final Wars of the End Times

12/01/2012 09:27

The Middle East is a mess.  It's been a mess for a long time, but lately it's been getting worse. But, if we look at the scriptures that mention Middle Eastern countries and their regions, we see some prophetic direction taking place. God has a plan for the Middle East, and He is bringing it about to fulfillment.


The civil war in Syria where so far, approximately 40,000 have died, keeps burning, and it seems as if no one cares. It gets mentioned, international leaders say it’s horrible, but no one really wants to step into it. There is just so much war going on that the world is weary--but it's going to get worse before it gets even more worse. That sounds like gloom and doom, but it is part of the plan.


To understand how all this fits together, we need to go to the end of where this is all leading. Right now events are positioning to fulfill the plan.  If we look at the war prophesied by Ezekiel in chapters 38 and 39, we see the Arab coalition led by Russia attacking Israel, but in these passages, Israel is described as a peaceful country without walls and without need to worry about its neighbors. That certainly doesn't fit the bill for anything that remotely describes Israel today.  In fact, it can be said that the Ezekiel passage describes Israel so at peace that Israel totally has its guard down.  It's relaxed and comfortable. Nope, that's not Israel today.


So, how does it get to that place of total peace with its bordering neighbors? If we look at some passages that seem to prophecy what happens to Israel's neighbors in the interim, then perhaps we'll have an idea.


Syria's destruction is described in Isaiah 17. Damascus, the capital of Syria, is directly mentioned. The description of Damascus ending in a ruinous heap has yet to be fulfilled. Damascus represents all of Syria, and particular mention of the fortress, which represents its military power, and its kingdom (government) ceasing are of particular interest when we consider Isaiah 17’s demise of Syria.


Gaza and the Palestinian conflict are described in Psalm 83. Just as stated here in the Psalm the cry of Israel's neighbors today is Israel's destruction.But God will respond and bring peace to Israel and broaden its borders. Gaza will become peaceful enough for pastoring sheep. Read more about this in a previous blog called Gaza…again.


Egypt is dealt with in Isaiah 19. Notice that Egypt turns its heart to God. It's very clear that God has a plan for Egypt that results in them serving Him. That certainly doesn't fit with the approach the Muslim Brotherhood, the new ruling party in Egypt, is taking with Christians and specifically with the Coptic Christians. They are persecuted. But, as difficult as that may seem to be to understand now, Isaiah certainly describes a revival hitting Egypt.


There is a revival among Muslims in Iran and other Muslim nations. Jesus is appearing to them Himself and many are turning to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Jesus is becoming real to the Muslims with signs and wonders. Check out these sources:



Israel's borders are going to be different than they are now. In fact, the promise has those borders far reaching. As much as the world wants to carve more land from Israel to support a Palestinian state, God's plan is to do the opposite. Israel's borders will expand tremendously as promised and Israel will come to enjoy peace as never before. At least until the prophecy of Ezekiel comes about with a battle that surprises a totally at-peace Israel. Look at this land expansion promise: Genesis 15:18, Joshua 15:1-12, 20-61, and Judges 1:18.


Then Israel will realize its total vulnerability as never before and turn its heart to God. By this time, the Seat of the Antichrist will be established and the EU President will broker the peace treaty of the ages, the covenant of death (Isaiah 28:15) locking Israel into a seven year tribulation that brings about the end.


Keep an eye on the wars and conflicts in the Middle East and especially make note for the countries and regions described in this blog. These final wars are signs of the end times. We can even use these signs to point people to Christ. He’s coming soon!



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