Syria Recognizes "Palestinian State"

07/19/2011 21:35

The regime of embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad has recognized the Palestinian Authority as a sovereign state, Reuters reports.

The statement added that Syria now regards the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Damascus as the official embassy of the 'Palestinian state.'

Assad's recognition comes at a time when mass protests calling for his ouster are being staged and the world questions his legitimacy to rule.

Meanwhile, Qatar has suspended diplomatic relations with Syria due to an attack on its own embassy by Assad supporters.

The announcement follows the Arab League draft statement last week saying it will submit a motion to the United Nations to upgrade the PA to full member status.

"It was decided to go to the United Nations to request the recognition of the state of Palestine with east Jerusalem as its capital and to move ahead and request a full membership," said the communique, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters.

The statement did not provide a timeline, indicating the application would be made in time for the UN assembly in September. One PA delegate said the Arab League had appointed a committee to determine dates.

Full member status would require approval in the Security Council, where the United States has formally said it would veto any such resolution.



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