Signs of a United Religion

02/14/2013 18:57

The Pope resigned. It’s got the world stirred up and talking. It’s been 598 years since a Catholic pope has resigned and that one was pretty well a forced resignation, but Pope Benedict did this voluntarily and on very good terms. Many were totally shocked; after all, we are used to popes dying in office. 


For those of us who are end-time watchers, this papal change is significant especially when you consider the ancient prophecy of St. Malachy describing the last 112 popes from the time of his “trance” in 1139. The descriptions he provides of each successive pope are uncannily accurate.  St. Malachy even named Pope Benedict and he is number 111. If this ancient prophecy proves to be accurate for the next and possibly last pope as it has been for all the 111 before, then we are nearing the last of the last days. We are one pope away from the end.


Clear signs of apostasy can be found in several mainline protestant groups; not just among Catholics.  We believe the church of the Tribulation period headed by the False Prophet will be a composite of all different faiths left behind in their apostasy, coalesced into the one world religion dedicated to serving the Antichrist.


We see a trail developing that leads to this united religion. It’s getting clearer as we move toward the end. The Vatican II reforms of the early 1960s started Catholicism along the path to more open and purposeful ecumenism. Gradually, over the years, Catholic culture became more accepting of what a few years before was condemned.



In an article from the Jerusalem Post, Pope John Paul II began and Pope Benedict continued reaching out to Jews.

“In his tenure as pope, Benedict pledged that he would always stand with the Jewish people against anti-Semitism. He strongly condemned Holocaust denial. He made it a point early in his papacy to visit Israel, going to Yad Vashem and the Western Wall, thus cementing the historic act of his predecessor for future generations and strengthening the relationship between Israel and the Vatican. He became the first pope to visit a synagogue in the United States. And he also visited the synagogue in Rome, institutionalizing these visits.

Pope Benedict XVI reconfirmed the official Catholic position that God’s covenant with the Jewish people at Sinai endures and is irrevocable. He said that the Catholic Church should not try and convert Jews.”


All of this builds the infrastructure for the end-time’s united religion. As religious differences are shed for the sake of community, the more blended the groups become until there are no significant differences. This seems so awesome, and it is, but for all the wrong reasons. The end of this denies Christ, opens once guarded faith to the power of the occult, and paves the way to total acceptance and veneration of the Antichrist.


It’s easy to pick on Catholicism because it’s the big one out there for everyone to see, but many Christian denominations are moving towards this. So much so, that even anti-Christian groups are embraced.



The acceleration of society towards lawlessness and social and moral depravity is forcing the church to walk the plank of homosexuality—where the church is pressed to either accept it and wipe it from its listing as sin or walk off the plank with criticism of intolerance and even terrorism. Although many Christian denominations are succumbing to avoid the plank, the few voices of righteousness are crying in an empty wilderness.



It’s too much to keep up with. The speed with which all of this is progressing leaves us impressed with the acceleration towards the end times. The church’s once powerful voice against sin is waning to a whimper.


Then when Pope Benedict announced his retirement, we were made to realize the acceleration is increased more than we could have imagined. It’s clear that the platform for a united end time religion is well on its way.


If the ancient papal prophecy of St. Malachy is correct, as it has been for 111 of the 112 popes, then the end of this age is a stone’s throw away from us. Far enough to give us time to repent and reach out to others, yet close enough for us to become intimate with fine-tuning our walk for Him.


Maybe that’s why God punctuated Benedict’s announcement with a bolt of lightening.


This is Malachy’s last pope in his prophecy: 


“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign ‘Petrus Romanus’ (Peter the Roman), who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.”  Then Saint Malachy says, “The end.”




An Olive, Israel, the Pope, and an Ancient Prophecy Fulfilling

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