'See Jesus' App Exceeds Expectations

12/31/2010 17:19

From Christian Post

The “See Jesus” app has quickly gained popularity, according to AppTech CEO Eric Ottens.

"The feedback we have been getting on the 'See Jesus' App has exceeded our expectations and confirms that the Christian App market is under appreciated,” he said in a statement this week. “Timing the launch to coincide with the holiday season was a clear way to determine the interest for what we are offering, and provide our market with something truly meaningful.”

The app allows users to view an optical illusion of Jesus. Users are to stare at a caricature on their iPhone for 30 seconds and then lift their eyes to a blank surface where they should see an image of Jesus for a few seconds.

The app is available on the Apple app store for 99 cents, with 20 percent of the proceeds going to charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society.

 “I’m very Christian, and I thought this image of Christ that appears once you look at the illusion will let users see Christ in many of the things around them,” Ottens told the Houston Business Journal.

Ottens said giving the “See Jesus” app as a gift “offers a daily reminder of what is important and benefits charitable organizations with contributions provided by AppTech and its subscriber base."

Ottens plans to collaborate with Christian groups throughout the world to offer more Christian oriented apps for different types of Smartphone platforms, as well as the iPad.

Josephine Vivaldo
Christian Post Contributor


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