Russia Readying for End Time Empires

03/22/2014 19:47

Bible prophecy students aren’t a bit surprised with how President Putin is generating attention for Russia. We know Russia is a major end time player. Right now the media is only flushing up cold war memories, but these are disguising the real mission here.


It’s not a cold war thing—it’s a jockeying for position by empires.  Prophecy teacher Erika Grey nails it in her article. Putin is simply acting territorially to limit European Union creep. The EU is the other empire moving quickly to assume its formidable end time role.


A few more things, like a couple of wars, need to happen before Russia takes on its role as invader of Israel. Yep, the Bible is clear on that. The Prophet Ezekiel lays out a good description of that war in chapters 38 and 39.  Israel doesn’t quite look like its picture in the Ezekiel prophecy yet, but it should after some “Middle East adjustments:”


According to Ezekiel, Russia will join forces with a multi-Muslim nation coalition to attack Israel. One of those partners is Iran, identified by its ancient name of Persia by Ezekiel. Russia and Iran have been dating pretty seriously lately:


Following the Ukraine issue, Russia and Iran are becoming openly romantic.


The results of the Ezekiel war will include the following:


1. Israel turns its heart to God.


2. The European Union births the seat of the Antichrist who comes in to clean up the world.


Notice how the United States is absent in all this commotion? The United States is not an Empire nor has it been adjusted to act like one. It’s not in the DNA of Americans who have historically fought empires. The United States won’t be able to play in the new empire sandbox. Who will? The empires that have the DNA—the European Union, Russia, and China are the survivors and players—until Jesus puts a stop to it at the battle of Armageddon.




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Photo Credit: Business Insider


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