Report: Russia to sell nuclear plants to Iran

11/08/2011 21:07

News From Jerusalem:  Although the Iranian regime is under four sets of U.N. sanctions for its illegal nuclear activity, an Iranian delegation has traveled clandestinely to Russia to negotiate a secret, expanded nuclear pact between the two countries worth nearly $40 billion, according to a report.

The deal is expected to result in five nuclear plants for Iran.

According to an Arabic-language report by the opposition group Green Experts of Iran, the two countries agreed that Russia would sell Iran plants refurbished from components based on outdated technology that caused the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe, the worst nuclear meltdown until Japan's disaster earlier this year.

In a separate addendum, Iran not only must provide full insurance coverage for the installation and launch of the nuclear plants but also must assume full responsibility for all legal and international issues that may arise from technical or radioactive-leak problems, the report said.

The Iranian delegation, which met with Vladimir Putin, the real power in Russia, while on the visit earlier this year, agreed never to file a claim with any international organization irrespective of any events stemming from the secret pact.

The real goal for the Iranian government might be revealed in its request for Russia also to construct as fast as possible two fully equipped nuclear labs as an annex to the nuclear facilities in Arak and Isfahan. The labs would help launch BN-600 reactors and produce highly enriched uranium.

The labs would cost the Iranians an extra $7 billion.


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