Religious beliefs cost British doctor her job

12/01/2010 05:38

From OneNewsNow

A British pediatrician has been discarded from a position on an adoption board because of her faith-based beliefs against homosexuals adopting.

 Dr. Sheila Matthews lost her job on the adoption panel for Northamptonshire County Council when she asked to be allowed to abstain from voting in cases where homosexuals were applying to adopt. An employment tribunal has ruled that complaints of religious discrimination failed as there is "simply no factual basis for the claims."
"This is an unfettered attack on freedom of religious expression, and we shouldn't be surprised," laments Matt Barber, director of cultural affairs for Liberty Counsel. "Europe has been heading down this path since the inception of so-called 'hate crimes' laws.

 "They are now turning into hate speech laws, and frankly, there are those of us who have been sounding the alarm for years, saying that these are thought crimes. So for merely holding a traditional Judeo-Christian view of sexual morality, people are now being told that they are going to be marginalized, pushed to the fringes and prohibited from even working through the adoption process -- which the church has always taken charge of and been at the forefront of," he adds.

Meanwhile, a British Catholic adoption agency was recently forced to close because it felt it violated its religious creed to place children with same-sex couples. Barber points out that the same issue is already advancing on U.S. shores and will continue unless something is done to halt the momentum.



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