Plans to create an EU army ‘kept secret’ from voters

05/28/2016 18:09
EU Army
BRUSSELS Plans to move towards the creation of a European army are reportedly being kept secret from British voters until the day after next month’s referendum. Drawn up by the EU’s foreign policy chief, the Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy foresees the formation of new European military and operational structures. This first step towards an EU army is supported by Germany and other countries, The Times reports.
In 2011, similar proposals were vetoed by Britain, although there were concerns that a loophole could allow nine states to group together to bypass opponents. In an effort to avoid derailing the Prime Minister’s Remain campaign, the policy plans will not be sent to national governments until the day after Britons vote. Until then, only a small group of EU political and security committee ambassadors, who must leave their electronic devices outside a sealed room, can read the proposal. However hand written notes can be taken.
Extracts of the text in notes taken by diplomats, seen by The Times, emphasize that “security and defense is where a step change is most urgent.” The paper warns that “in turbulent times, we need a compass to navigate the waters of a faster-changing world.” The news comes as figures show a record number of immigrants arrived in Britain last year for work, and net migration reached 333,0000. Head of foreign policy in the EU, Federica Mogherini, has reportedly spent 18 months preparing the defense document to be discussed by European leaders at a summit on June 28.  UC




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