Pedophile case in Spain raises wifi alert

05/05/2013 08:19

A 34 year old alleged pedophile living in Zaragoza has been arrested on more than 500 accounts relating to pedophilia.

The man, who is thought to be highly skilled in IT, obtained access to nearby people’s wifi networks and once inside their network he obtained access into their computer, enabling him to not only view but control content on their computers. In addition to taking private files, the arrested man is reported to have also activated their webcam to record the computer owner.

Using a ‘Trojan’, he was able to access sensitive information like passwords of various web services, copy any files stored on the hard drive, run programs or eavesdrop on conversations on different social networks, all without the consent of the rightful owners. During the ongoing police investigation, officers are reported to have found thousands of images of sexual and intimate life of hundreds of Zaragoza residents and several videos of child pornography and shared via P2P networks more than 500 files of this nature.  GC


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