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05/31/2012 07:36

Did I get your attention?

President Obama is controversial as most Presidents are, but even with the many discussions about his religious beliefs, a simple review will come up wanting for his being Muslim.  His biological father was Muslim, but his mother, as we understand, sort of picked and chose what she considered the best values from different religions to find her identification.

It was in this atmosphere that Barak Obama grew up. It definitely shaped his values.

President Obama identifies himself as Christian. Notice I didn’t say he was a Christian, nor would he say that. He would probably say he had Christian values—or at least that is what he would want his audience to gather. Remember, he’s a politician who is sensitive about his image.

I read an article about his early days that described how he was trying to define himself. He vacillated from something that related to his Indonesian roots to something along the lines of the influence from his grandparents, and a mixture of all in between.

President Obama would say he was Christian, not a Christian.  Being a Christian would indicate an alignment with the person of Jesus Christ and His teachings. President Obama aligns himself to the Christian values that speak towards treating people fairly, helping one another so that the playing field is leveled, treating everyone, no matter what their walk or choice, as equals who each have the same rights as anyone else.

Really, President Obama is a good democrat. In fact, he’s a liberal democrat hedging on socialist values. With current uncertainties, unrest, and even fear, there is great fodder for this political “answer.”

In order for him to be Muslim, he would have to have a public conversion to Islam. President Obama’s liberal position is counter the values of the Islamic faith in many of the same areas that offend Christians.

Black Muslim groups who initially supported President Obama have stepped back with his recent support of gay marriage.  Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan publicly rebuked President Obama for his support of gay marriage.

Israel feels the pain of rejection from President Obama who, among many other things, hasn’t visited Israel as President. The Palestinians also feel rejected by President Obama, and believe he favors Israel.

Throughout his life, President Obama has worked hard to both define himself with a list of values and to build a strong network to give him the platform he needed to employ his values for lasting change. He sees a nation and a world of inequality and unfairness and now that he has the platform of President, he intends to right these moral wrongs.

He pulls from religion’s shared values that show respect, fairness, and equality to go a step beyond tolerance towards full acceptance of the poor, downtrodden and unfairly treated ones.  He believes it is his duty, his platform, to force this view through the legislative process. How can you be wrong when you are ultimately helping people?

He believes it is unfair for Israel to monopolize Jerusalem for itself. His answer is to make Jerusalem an international, self-governing, or at least governed by international appointees, a city that can be shared as a jewel for all. He believes Palestinians should have their own homeland and govern themselves.  Equality and fairness are doctrines that override “perceived” Biblical mandate.

In all honesty, President Obama hates religion. He definitely hates the religious parts that subjugate certain groups to lower levels and the religious teachings that espouse inequality and unfair treatment. He sees his duty to crusade against these and abolish everything that treats people unfairly.

President Obama enjoys being a hero to the under-represented, the suppressed, and the groups who need a hand up. He sees his role of crusader for the underprivileged as noble and has difficulty understanding why anyone would see any different approach.

I’m not predicting anything here, but I’ll be surprised if President Obama isn’t re-elected. Even if he isn’t, his political philosophy is the direction we are headed, whether we like it or not.  It’s the direction toward the end times about which the Bible warns us.

The Bible teaches us to pray for our leaders, so we certainly should be praying for President Obama. Read my blog post Fathering Nations for more on that. We need to pray that God raises up a spiritual father for President Obama, but not only him, for national leaders everywhere.

Our duty as true Christians is to press in to God and become the church of the last days, reach as many as we can with the love of Christ, and avoid condemnation because there is enough of that already. The days ahead will drive believers to the core values of Christianity. We will stand out, and should, but along with that will be the honor of His Glory upon us.

As a Christian, how can you make a positive difference?



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President Barack Obama in Arizona speaking at Intel's Fab 42, a state of that art chip manufacturing plant under construction in Chandler, AZ on January 25, 2012.


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