Obama backs 'gay' group at U.N.

08/02/2010 20:21

From One News Now

A homosexual activist group has side-stepped normal procedures to gain a non-government organization status at the United Nations.

It took the help of the United States, but the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has gained official status at the U.N., which is an "important step forward for human rights," according to President Obama.
"This once again just highlights the fact that President Obama is fully in the tank of the radical homosexual activist lobby," notes Matt Barber, attorney and head of cultural affairs at Liberty Counsel. "In keeping with his commitment to ram through his radical agenda, the president has once again circumvented the proper protocol and procedure in order to push a very unpopular policy."
Barber thinks that flies in the face of efforts made by many countries to keep homosexual activists in the background at the U.N.
"[Obama] has thumbed his nose at all of the nations around the world that embrace sexual morality -- and the president, in the name of the United States of America, has once again publicly embraced sexual immorality," the Liberty Counsel attorney laments.
He points out that the organization the administration is supporting is so radical that they have publicly supported criminal sanctions for those who oppose the homosexual agenda. Barber concludes that Obama's action represents a serious blow to religious liberties at an international level.


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