Nicaraguan Legislation Seeks to Legalize Abortion, Protect “Sexual Orientation”

09/17/2010 21:56

From Life Site News:

MANAGUA, September 17, 2010 ( - Famed Nicaraguan columnist and attorney Adolfo Miranda Sáenz is warning his readers against a new bill working its way through the national congress, which "intends, with subtle language, to legalize abortion, homosexual marriages, and adoption of children by homosexual couples."

According to Miranda Sáenz, the proposed legislation seeks (in its own words) to "avoid and reduce deaths and injuries to women resulting from an unsafe abortion," because "reproductive health implies that people have the capacity to have children and the freedom to decide if they want to have them" - phrases commonly used by pro-abortion organizations to euphemistically talk about abortion.

However, the language of the bill then becomes very explicit, permitting the "interruption of pregnancy for any reason before 22 weeks of gestation, beginning from the first day of the last menstruation, and the product of conception has a weight less than 500 grams and a brain cavity height no more than 25 centimeters."

In addition, the legislation establishes the right to "obtain sexual satisfaction according to one's needs and preferences" and requires that "sexual orientation discrimination" be eliminated so that "the sexual rights of all people must be respected, protected, and exercised in their fullness," phrases that Miranda Sáenz warns will be used to create homosexual "marriage" and adoption rights.

The bill also seeks to promote the use of contraceptives, and to provide "information that will be offered in all educational establishments, public and private," even requiring sexual education in preschool, writes the columnist.  It was introduced by members of all parties to the full Congress on May 25, under the title, "Sexual and Reproductive Health Law" (Ley sobre Salud Sexual y Reproductiva).

"I know that some deputies who signed this bill call themselves Christians," concludes Miranda Saenz.  "Did they act in good faith, without noticing the subtly deceptive undercurrent of the language?  They should, then, repent. The Word of God prohibits killing (Ex. 20:13) and condemns homosexuals (1 Cor. 6:9-10)."

"The Catholic representatives in particular should remember that he who promotes abortion is subject to excommunication and that the Church officially teaches that the Catholic legislator has the obligation to clearly and publicly express his disagreement with any bill to legalize abortion and homosexual unions, and vote against them," he concludes.



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