Missionaries Invade London's Muslim Community With Gospel

09/15/2011 06:39

Charisma:  Few Christians realize that Europe has become the "dark continent." Over the last 60 years, the church in the United Kingdom, as in most of Western Europe, has steadily declined.

With 7.5 million inhabitants speaking more than 300 languages, London is the most international city in the world. It has been called the political, economic and evangelistic center of Islam in Europe and the Western world. People from nearly every Muslim country can be found living within its boundaries.

Including visitors, medical patients and students, more than 1 million Muslims are in London at any one time. Throughout the summer months, several hundred thousand more tourists flock to the city.

Despite numerous challenges, unique opportunities to show God’s love to Muslim neighbours and visitors abound.

Participants from Malaysia to Australia to Germany joined OM Turning Point in London this summer to experience ministry through short-term exposure programs and make an impact on the people of London through conversation, literature tables and creative outreach.

Despite jetlag and rainy weather, participants jumped into the first two-week outreach with positive attitudes and open minds. They were here for one reason—to share their faith with others.

From 11-25 June, participants did over 75 hours of community outreach and established over 30 new contacts.

"I engaged in a great conversation with a Muslim school boy who wanted to get to know Jesus,” said Maximillian, a participant from Germany. “I realized that many Muslims understand the gospel better after these conversations, and this motivated me.”

Many participants said they learned that God can use them to do powerful things, even if it’s nothing more than having a cup of coffee with someone.

Luke, from the U.K., and a friend were talking to two men from Qatar at Starbucks who said they were in London because one of them had cancer. This touched Luke and his friend with compassion and they said they would pray for him.

“He was so touched, he shook my hand and said thank you!” remembered Luke. “We gave his friend an Arabic Gospel of Luke and he began reading it instantly, and then after a while said it was beautiful.”

Another participant, Becky, from the U.S., said she will always remember the faces of the people she met. “By God’s grace, I got to be involved in leading a woman to faith in Christ,” said Becky. “I did a lot of prayer walking and appreciated being able to see the variety of people groups in this city.”

In addition, the team distributed more than 7,700 portions of gospel literature, the Jesus Film, New Testaments and DVDs.

Linnie, from Malaysia, had a conversation with a woman from Iran who was a Christian. Listening to her testimony about how she came to faith gave Linnie so much joy.

Overall, participants expressed gratitude for the chance to experience God in a whole new way.

"To let go and let God have His way in me to reach others meant so much to me," said Busola, from Nigeria. "It is about Jesus, His love and grace, and that is the only message. Compassion and love for the people I reach out to is essential, so I learnt that evangelism is not a duty, but it is done out of love for God."


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