Map of Apple's new iOS6 system fails to list Jerusalem as Israel's capital

09/27/2012 07:53

Jerusalem Old CityThe map included in Apple’s new iOS6 operating system reportedly does not show Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Every other country on the map has its capital listed, The Algemeiner reported Tuesday.

In addition, the world clock included in the operating system lists Jerusalem without an affiliated country -- the only city to be included that way, the paper said.

Apple did not respond to JTA requests for comment.

In July, the BBC agreed to list Jerusalem as Israel's "seat of government" after the Prime Minister's Office issued a formal complaint that it did not list the city as its capital but did put East Jerusalem for Palestine's capital.

Mark Regev, Netanyahu's foreign press adviser, wrote a letter of protest to Paul Danahar, the BBC Middle East bureau chief, writing that he was "dismayed by the BBC's decision to discriminate against Israel on the BBC's Olympic website."

As a result, the BBC altered both pages, such that Israel's page now reads "Seat of government Jerusalem, though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv," while Palestine's reads "Intended seat of government East Jerusalem. Ramallah serves as administrative capital."  Haaretz


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