Japan's Chubu to shut nuclear reactors over earthquake risk

05/12/2011 22:36


TOKYO May 12 (Reuters) - Japan's Chubu Electric Power Co said on Thursday it will shut its two operating nuclear reactors at the Hamaoka plant in central Japan over the weekend, in keeping with an announcement early this week.

Japan's third-biggest power company will shut the 1,137 megawatt No.4 reactor at its sole Hamaoka nuclear plant on Friday and the 1,380 MW No.5 reactor on Saturday, a company spokesman said.

The company agreed on Monday to shut all of the reactors still operating at Hamaoka following an unprecedented request from the prime minister, who cited concerns that the facility, considered at particular risk for a major earthquake over the next few decades, needed better tsunami defences.

The No.1 and No.2 reactors are being decommissioned, and the remaining 1,100 MW No.3 reactor has been shut for regular maintenance since November.


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