It’s a good idea to implant chips in humans

07/25/2012 20:09

Did that get your attention? I didn’t just do it to tease you to read this; it really is a good and efficient idea. With healthcare, it’s an excellent idea! 


Think about it for a minute. You are traveling in another state and become severely ill or have an accident causing you to be unconscious.  You end up in an emergency room, and all that the hospital staff needs to do is scan your information to find out what medicines you are on and any other important health history information.  All of this is important to saving lives. It makes sense, perfect sense.


How about for patients with dementia? Wouldn’t it be awesome to easily locate a chip-implanted person who wonders away from a medical campus and get them back to safety?


Parents who worry about their children could have them “chipped” with important information related to their health and address; maybe even locate them in any part of the world. That would help resolve kidnapping events immediately.


How about those John and Jane Does who end up in the morgue? This would provide for quick identification. There would be no more unknown soldiers.


This makes so much sense that many say it was written into the Affordable Care Act, or what some people call “Obamacare” healthcare reform.  For several months now, I’ve heard from people who say micro-chipping people is part of this healthcare reform. In the same breath they say it’s the mark of the beast prophesied in Revelation 13.


I ask them if they actually read the healthcare act for themselves. The answer is always, “I heard someone say it was there. I believe them.” I guess it is easier to just repeat what others say instead of taking the time to look it up. Lots of Christians like to do that, for some reason.


So, guess what? I looked it up!


 The Affordable Care Act (ACA)  is 1,018 pages. Remember all the scuttle back when our Congressmen approved it without reading it? Here it is if you want to read if for yourself. Trust me, it is boring reading but US constituents should expect their representatives to read and thoroughly understand legislature for which they vote. We’ll save a potential tirade on that subject for another time.


The reference in question is found on pages 1,001 -1,003. Here’s the passage in the reference to implanting computer chips, word for word:


“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that—‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and ‘‘(B) is a class III device; or ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.”


The rest of the cited pages are legalese, but the quote above is the clearest reference to the mark of the beast. It’s not clear at all, is it? Nope, it’s ambiguous at best, whether intentional or not. The implanted devices could be RFID computer chips. They could also be pacemakers, or even breast implants, for that matter. Basically, the President wants to register breast implants; that’s what you can get from this passage in the ACA.


Now stay with me, I have a surprise for you at the end.


Let’s say this is a reference to RFID or any other kind of computer chip meant for human insertion. This is still not the mark of the beast, if it is only for healthcare purposes. Let’s look at the passage in Revelation:


He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:16-17

  • First, this initiation of the mark of the beast takes place in the middle of the tribulation, the place where some call the beginning of the Great Tribulation or Wrath of God. The judgments that take place in the last half of the tribulation are remarkably worse. What I’m saying here is the mark of the beast, the mark that counts and seals the fate of those who take it, happens mid-tribulation. We’re not in the tribulation yet.
  • Secondly, as we read this passage in Revelation where the mark of the beast is distributed, we find it relates not only to loyalty to the Antichrist, but it is all about commerce and the ability to purchase and sell. Without the mark, people will not be able to participate in commerce. They wont’ be able to work legally, they won’t be able to purchase items, obtain loans—nothing. They will have to operate in a black market world, if that is even possible during this horrible time—if they manage to avoid the penalty for refusing to take the mark.
  • And thirdly, even if micro-chipping humans is the intent of the ACA, I’m confident it “ain’t gonna happen” while the church is in its pre-rapture state. I can’t imagine many people lining up to be chipped in this day and age, at least not until the church is caught away. The concern even reached Virginia’s legislature in this article:  Human microchips seen by some in Virginia House as device of antichrist


The “mark of the beast” in the ACA is strictly related to medical records. OK, I can hear the doomsayers, “But that can all change after people get the chip.” Of course, it can. Right now, healthcare is a big issue. But after going through the initial judgments of the tribulation period, it’s going to be all about survival, preservation, and reestablishing an economy. Revelation’s mark of the beast is much about operating a cashless economy and sustaining it as it is about demonstrating loyalty to the Antichrist system.


We’re not there yet.


But we are getting closer. Are you ready for the “surprise?”


Definitely, the technology that developed the microchip will be what brings about the mark of the beast.  Although the ACA is ambiguous about possible chip implanting, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is very clear in its documents online and in PDF:


Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff - Class II Special Controls Guidance Document: Implantable Radiofrequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information

Document issued on: December 10, 2004

Thus, persons who intend to market a device of this type do not need to submit a premarket notification to FDA and receive agency clearance prior to marketing the device, but as a class II device, the device must comply with the other applicable general and special controls (Section 513(a)(1)(B)).

An implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information is a device intended to enable access to secure patient identification and corresponding health information. This system may include a passive implanted transponder, inserter, and scanner. The implanted transponder is used only to store a unique electronic identification code which is read by the scanner. The identification code is used to access patient identity and corresponding health information stored in a database.


The technology for the mark of the beast is in existence now. These devices primarily designed for healthcare benefit, can easily be adapted for market and commerce benefit.  What seems unclear or ambiguous in the ACA is very clear in how the FDA determines to regulate such devices and the companies that develop them.


This is a definite end time sign clearly indicating time is short. What will you do with the time we have left?




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