It All Meets At the Drain

12/03/2011 09:04

Here’s where the best and brightest prophecy scholars think we are in the sequence of events fulfilling the prophetic timeline.

Right now we are in Zechariah 12:1-3

  • All the nations of the world seem drunken and overly smitten with Jerusalem
  • The two-state solution in dividing Jerusalem has been a debated item for years
  • Everyone is calling for peace and safety as prophesied in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 which says, “For when they say, ‘Peace and safety!’  then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.” Click here for a video showing the world now calling for that peace and safety.

We are probably seeing Isaiah 19:1-16 happening now as Egypt moves toward a more forceful ruler with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The fulfillment of Psalm 83 may be the next big event in the wars and rumors of wars category. Although this “sounds” a lot like Ezekiel 38, the countries listed in each are different. The best guess is that the events of Psalm 83 come ahead of Ezekiel 38. The players in Psalm 83 are Syria, Gaza (dominated by Hamas terrorists), Lebanon (dominated by Hezbollah), Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Isaiah 17:1-3 may be a further description of this war detailing Lebanon.  Damascus Is the capitol of Lebanon which is dominated by the terrorist group Hezbollah bent on Israel’s demise.  In this Isaiah 17 scenario, we see Damascus reduced to rubble.  Sometimes when the Bible is specific about a country’s capitol, it’s speaking about the rulers. Hezbollah has definitely been a thorn in Israel’s side.

Then we have the war of Ezekiel 38. This coalition that attacks Israel is led by Russia and includes the modern day nations of Iran, Yemen, Ethiopia (possibly with Sudan), Libya, and Turkey.  One of the reasons prophecy scholars place Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 as an event happening before Ezekiel 38 is due to Ezekiel’s description of Israel as a land living in peace, without walls, focused on agricultural pursuits. We know that’s not the case now, but Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 could certainly render Israel into that position of peace.

One of the most important consequences of the Ezekiel war is that Israel sees the hand of God in their deliverance, a true miracle that cannot be denied, and with that realization, they turn their heats back to God and reintroduce the sacrifices. Doing so would definitely create pressure for a new temple and out of this scenario would come a peace treaty brokered by a cunning charismatic figure who will bring it all about.

It’s interesting to note that the driver in the Mideast is religion.  For the rest of the world, and this definitely is so for the formation of the new Roman Empire, the driver is the economy or more specifically, the fear of financial collapse. So, two distinct events are happening, where neither one really had much connection with each other. One is the centuries old struggle in the Middle East over Jerusalem which goes back to the difference in religion of two brothers of the same father and the other is the struggle the rest of the western world, is having for its economy.  These two events come together with a pen and paper as the notable peace treaty that initiates the tribulation period begins upon signing. That is amazing.

While wars and rumors of wars are spinning in the Middle East, the European Union is quickly forming into the final empire prophesied by Daniel. Out of that empire rises the Antichrist, who, through a series of events, will also focus on Jerusalem.  It’s sort of like emptying  a bathtub—it all ends up meeting at the drain.

Although the church is drain-free, we are still commissioned and have a duty and responsibility to bring Christ to our generation. This is not the time to hide in a hole with a sack of beans and rice.



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