Israeli Company Develops Revolutionary Device to Detect Skin Cancer

10/19/2010 19:25

From News From Jerusalem

Early detection of skin cancer can save millions of lives and an Israeli company has developed a device that could revolutionize accepted modes of diagnosis. Already the most common form of cancer in the United States, skin cancer is becoming even more widespread as sunlight exposure increases worldwide.

"Early detection is the key to battling the disease. With early detection, almost all forms of skin cancer are curable," says Col. (ret.) Yossi Biderman, CEO of Skin Cancer Scanning (SCS), an Israeli company that has developed a breakthrough technology using fiber-optic cables to scan for potentially malignant moles.

Clinical trials at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva in central Israel show the system to be 92 percent effective in detecting certain types of skin cancer at an early stage - a higher rate than that of any apparatus currently available. Now a marketable device called Skinscan 650 is close to being ready, Biderman tells ISRAEL21c. "We assume we will have a working prototype by mid-to-late 2011."

Identifying symptoms earlier

The unique technology is based on the observation that cancerous cells proliferate faster than healthy cells, and their accelerated metabolic activity releases energy at a higher frequency.

"The concept is simple to understand," says Biderman. "Every living organism emits energy in the form of heat. This energy comes out in wavelengths - i.e. the light spectrum. Every living organism is built of cells, and the wavelengths emit from these cells. Most healthy people have a body temperature of 36-37 degrees centigrade, and any difference in temperature can be traced to a medical condition. There's nothing new in this.

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