Israel is world leader in the emerging field of nanotechnology

11/09/2010 18:26

From News From Jerusalem

Israel is already a world leader in the emerging field of nanotechnology, with the number of nano researchers in the country having doubled since 2002.

One day soon, organ transplants may become a thing of the past, as special growth factors based on nanotechnology help grow healthy cells in an organ to replace unhealthy ones. One day soon, nanotechnology could help reduce pollutants from internal combustion engines to next to nothing. And, one day soon, nanotechnology could provide the taste of sugar in foods, without the calories and tooth decay that currently come along with it.

It may sound like pie in the sky, but the nanotechnology revolution has arrived, and is advancing rapidly, with Israel already one of the world leaders in development and deployment of applications based on this new science, making significant contributions to the field, discovering and developing some of the most important breakthroughs.

What Internet start-ups were to the past decade, nanotechnology will be to the next one, experts say. And a host of Israeli companies have already begun to produce applications based on this new science, which allows researchers to control matter on an atomic and molecular scale.

Among the applications Israeli startups have developed using nanotech are water purification membranes, agents for oral drug delivery, inkjet digital printing systems, diagnostic tools, holographic storage systems - and an 'e-beam on a chip,' which is something like a laser beam, to be used for semiconductor manufacturing.

More than 80 nanotech companies in Israel

Highlighting Israel's centrality in the emerging nanotech field, Israel is now holding its second annual International Nanotechnology Conference in Tel Aviv. The two-day conference, which opened this morning, focuses on innovations and business opportunities in the energy, water, environment, nano-material, nano-electronics, nano-photonics, nano-bio and nano-medicine fields.



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