Huckabee: Establish a PA State But Not on This Strip of Land

02/01/2011 20:45

From Israel National News

Talk show host and former governor Mike Huckabee toured Judea and Samaria Tuesday as part of his 15th visit to Israel. Huckabee began his tour in Ariel, where he was told of the boycotts announced by artists and academics against the city in Samaria.

A highlight of his trip was an appearance at a Knesset committee attended by ministers and MK's as well as the press and a luncheon in the Knesset in his honor planned and hosted by MK Nissim Zeev (Shas).

 Israel National News TV met with Huckabee in Jerusalem and heard his opinion on many of the main issues on the US-Israel agenda. Huckabee related to the "two-state solution", saying that he supports establishing a Palestinian state but not on the Land of Israel.

 In the following video, Huckabee addresses  the tensions between Jerusalem and Washington since President Obama came into office, acts for the benefit of Jonathan Pollard who has spent more than 25 years in a U.S. prison for passing on classified information to Israel, and the American response to the turmoil in Egypt.


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