Homosexual Agenda Safe in U.K’s Labour Party Under New Leader Miliband

10/01/2010 20:55

From LifeSite News

By Hilary White

MANCHESTER, October 1, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Already dubbed “Red Ed” by the media, Edward Miliband, the newly elected leader of Britain’s Labour Party, has indicated his intention of continuing the anti-family and anti-life policies established for the party under former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

At the party’s leadership conference in Manchester, Miliband, an atheist, re-committed the party to the social re-engineering project started under Blair and Brown that created “New Labour.” Last month Miliband pledged that the Labour party would campaign to change the definition of marriage to include homosexual partners.

He told the homosexual news website PinkNews: “I want to see heterosexual and same-sex partnerships put on an equal basis and a Labour Party that I lead will campaign to make gay marriage happen.”

At the Labour Party leadership conference, Miliband said, “The old way of thinking said that you couldn't change attitudes towards gay men and lesbians.

“Let me tell you that last month I was privileged to be in this great city, at Pride [march], to see not just thousands of people marching but thousands of people lining the street in support. We should be proud that our commitment to equality means we have couples forming civil partnerships across the country and celebrating with their family and friends.”

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, Britain’s leading pro-life political organization, reports that in his entire Parliamentary career, Miliband has never once voted for any pro-life or pro-family legislation or proposal.

On marriage and family related issues, Miliband voted in favor of the Sexual Orientation Regulations, that effectively dissolved the Catholic Church’s work in adoption services. He also voted against an amendment intended to protect the free speech of those who objected to homosexual activity.

Miliband, who lives with his “partner” Justine Thornton, an environmental lawyer with whom he has a son and is expecting another child, reportedly refused Gordon Brown’s advice to marry, arguing that such “gestures” are no longer necessary to get ahead in politics in modern Britain. He announced recently on a morning television program, however, that he will marry “eventually.”

Implying that Labour’s former policies on marriage would continue, Miliband said, “Stable families come in different forms. We happen not to be married. We will get married eventually, but I think it is really important to say that different people provide stability to their kids – which is the thing that really matter – and to themselves in different ways.”

Miliband is the son of the sociologist and professor, Ralph Miliband, a hard-core Marxist at the London School of Economics. His brother, David Miliband, has been the MP for South Shields since 2001 and served as the Shadow Foreign Secretary since 2010 and was the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 2007 to 2010. 



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