H1N1 continues to spread in Gaza

01/20/2011 19:25

From Ma'an News

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Ministry of Health in Gaza City said Wednesday that a total of eight Strip residents had been diagnosed with the H1N1 virus over the previous week, including one health worker.

Minister of Health Basem Na’eem said the eight were being treated in isolation units and said all would likely recover, but said there was ongoing concern for medicine and medical equipment shortages, despite a recent shipment from the PA in Ramallah.

He said that a more regular mechanism for the transfer of medicines into Gaza had to be established, saying it was unacceptable for hospitals to run out of 190 sorts of medications before shipments were made.

In addition to the serious issue of a resurgence of the H1N1 virus in Gaza, the minister said, there were 400 at-risk kidney patients relying on dialysis. The dialysis solution, provided by the World Health Organization, he said, was about to run out.

The minister expressed his concern over the issue to the Gaddafi International Foundation, when a delegation from the group visited Gaza.



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