"God wants Palestinian issue solved" says Obama's former NSA chief

02/08/2011 20:44

From Israel Insider: 

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict still is the core problem in the Middle East, and solving it will go a long way toward securing regional and even global peace, James Jones, US President Barack Obama’s former national security adviser, said Monday. It might even bring the Messiah. Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, the disgraced NSA chief Jones rejected the premise that the current tumult in Egypt disproved this.

“I’m of the belief that had God appeared in front of President Obama in 2009 and said if he could do one thing on the face of the planet, and one thing only, to make the world a better place and give people more hope and opportunity for the future, I would venture that it would have something to do with finding the two-state solution to the Middle East,” Jones said.

Speaking to reporters after addressing the conference, Jones said Israel’s dispute with the Palestinians was the “knot that is at the center of mass," the Jerusalem Post reported. It's not clear if he was referring to Catholic mass, or if perhaps he meant "mess." But in any case, he implied, it was the body of Christ that Obama would be forced to consume in order to be transformed and shine his light upon the world.

He added that Israeli-Palestinian peace was the one thing that extremists and Iran would “most not like to see happen,” and that the ripple effect would go far beyond the region.

A retired marine general, he was a central US figure in the diplomatic process for the last four years, beginning as former president George Bush’s special envoy for Middle East security, and continuing as Obama’s national security adviser until late last year.

Making it clear that he was speaking in a private capacity and not on behalf of the administration, Jones said the dispute was “one of the most important issues on the planet, and it affects just about everything from the security standpoint.”

“Tempting as it may be,” he said, “may I suggest this is not the time to be passive, to be a spectator to history, especially if you are an Israeli, American, Arab or European.”

While saying it was too soon to speculate about how the Egyptian unrest would play out, he added that “we all know that, unlike in Las Vegas, what happens in Egypt will not stay in Egypt.”

Jones did not tell any Jewish or Talioban jokes this time. He did wear a tie.



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