George Bailey Is Dead

12/04/2013 20:15

It’s A Wonderful Life is an American classic movie with which Christmas isn’t the same without its ritual viewing. It’s the story of a man and what the town and its people would turn into if he didn’t live to make a difference. George Bailey despairs over a great misfortune and considers suicide until Clarence, the angel, is assigned to show him the value of his life.


The stark picture of beautiful, peaceful Bedford Falls changed into Pottersville because one man died is impressive. People are unhappy, mean and angry, and they yield themselves to all sorts of sordid lifestyles. Pottersville looks like a sleazy gambling strip complete with an excessive number of taverns and other associated degradation.


The heartwarming message is that because the man George Bailey sacrificed his dreams and instead invested his life into the town, the town’s people responded in his time of need. Without George, it would have been a different story.


Instead of pleasant Bedford Falls, it seems we are in Pottersville where any sordid, basal behavior is not only welcomed, but cheered:

US President Barak Obama seems to be assuming the role of slumlord Henry F. Potter. The difference might be that Mr. Potter was all about money, but Obama wants a legacy of culture shift.


How much has the earth changed into Pottersville? Really, how bad can it be? Come on, seriously.


There are more Pottersville tales than I care to post here. If you need more, you can find them here.


One man lived, and changed a city. He prevented it from becoming Pottersville. One man died and saved the world through that death so that all who call upon the Name of Jesus will be saved. The difference is this: Once you become a Christian, you’re citizenship automatically transfers from Pottersville to that of Heaven. We are just passing through Pottersville trying to take others with us. Find out more by clicking here.




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