Gay Activists Use Federal Summit to Push for Homosexuality Teaching in Elementary Schools

08/14/2010 22:30

From Citizen Link

As the U.S Department of Education hosted its first national summit on bullying prevention this week – gay activist groups rallied together to try to use the event to further their agenda in public schools.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest homosexual-advocacy group, called on the federal government to “endorse and provide funds” for homosexual-themed elementary school curriculum. Specifically, HRC wants the federal Justice, Education and Health and Human Services Departments to promote Welcoming Schools – a controversial curriculum developed by HRC and has piloted in several public school districts.

HRC claims this curriculum is all about teaching “diversity” and preventing “name calling.”

But a quick examination of the lesson plans revealed it’s more about indoctrination.

For instance, the “Diversity Photo Puzzle,” designed for kids in the first through third grades, gives children puzzle pieces depicting photographs of people. Children are told to arrange the photos into seven families. But lo and behold, after they begin the assignment, they find themselves forced to “create some families with adults of the same gender” and to “make decisions about whether to label the adults as two mothers,” explains the lesson plan guide.

This is just one example of the kinds of propaganda HRC and other gay activists would like the federal government to endorse under the umbrella of “anti-bullying” programs — using our taxpayer dollars, of course.

HRC also joined a slew of other left-wing organizations and advocacy groups that wrote letters to federal leaders announcing their “federal bullying prevention summit recommendations.” Among other things, they want the Obama administration to “require every state and local educational institution” to adopt a homosexual-themed anti-bullying policy.

We’ve seen all of these requests before — and we’ve documented how they can be used to force homosexual teaching into classrooms for the youngest children. The concern this time  is that now these groups have a friendly ear in the man responsible for hosting the federal anti-bullying summit — “safe schools czar” Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

It just so happens that Jennings — who now heads up the “Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools”— laid out a strategy long ago for using“safety” as a code word for getting homosexual activism into schools:

“We immediately seized upon the opponents’ calling card — safety — and turned it to our favor by illustrating how homophobia is a threat to students’ safety … After all, who can be against ‘valuing and respecting’ everyone? …Who can oppose ‘healthy school climates’?”

Now he has a federal platform that could allow him to enact that strategy— and plenty of pressure from his allies in the gay activist world to follow through on it.

The crucial question is, are there still enough checks and balances to rein in this activism…and protect our schools?

If not, we can say goodbye to local control and parental rights, if these groups get their way.



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