EU treaties set to change

11/25/2011 09:11

EuroNews:  Boosting confidence in the euro and reforming EU treaties to improve governance of the 17 nation eurozone is the aim of France, Germany and Italy following a meeting in Strasbourg.

It is the first time Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkhozy and Mario Monti have met. It was not just Italy’s debt woes which were discussed.

“France and Germany, in the coming days will propose changes to EU treaties to improve the governance in the eurozone and to aid more integration and convergence of our economic policies,” explained Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France

Angela Merkel said the role of the European Central Bank would not be changed. The three, leaders of the biggest economies in the EU agreed to meet again in Rome at the invitiaton of Mario Monti who has won the backing of France and Germany.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

“We wish lots of success to the new Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti for his work, which is not easy. He has our full support and we will be there whenever he needs it,” said Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Those words of support are in stark contrast to a previous press conference. One journalist ventured to ask the two leaders for their opinion on reforms set to be introduced in Italy by the country’s previous Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. The silent response as Sarkhozy and Merkel looked at each other spoke more than any words.


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