EU Federal Union Now!

10/06/2012 20:27

To stop the crisis, a decisive move towards a federal EU is needed! Federal Union Now!


- Further reforms of the EU treaties, reinforced surveillance and discipline of national economic and fiscal policies.
- A robust EU-wide plan for growth and development for the recovery of the European economy.
- A thorough reform of the EU's financial system to allow a reshaping and enlargement of the creation of genuinely autonomous sources of revenue which link EU spending more directly with the citizen tax-payer (which will replace the national contributions based on GNI).
- A fiscal Union under the direction of an efficient federal economic government with clear decision-making structures and mechanisms to impose binding measures on MS, which do not implement EU economic and fiscal policies.
- Real transfer of power from national to European level in the fields of taxation, budget, economic policy and foreign and security policy.
- A united democratic Europe!






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