Christianity among Iranian armed forces on rise

04/27/2012 21:42

MohabaNews:  The Iranian Islamic regime is highly concerned about the growing tendency towards Christianity among Iranians which has now reached the authorities, officials and their family members whether inside or outside the country.

Mohabat News ) - Obtained reports and reviews by experts and Iranian Christian news agency, Mohabat News, show that Christianity is growing increasingly among Iranians, especially among the armed forces.

According to Iranian laws, non-Muslims are not allowed to be employed in any armed forces. In addition, it is mentioned in the employment conditions that the employee should believe and have a practical commitment to the Supreme Leader and also should believe in the Islamic Revolution and the regime of the Islamic Republic. The laws state that these conditions are binding. Failure in any one of these conditions can result in the punishment and exile of the violator.

After the Islamic revolution of 1979 in Iran and the establishment of the Revolutionary Guard as an ideological and military wing, the other military organizations lost their position and became passive. The lasting fear of senior authorities of the regime was of a coup and a rebellion by the military forces, caused them to be ideologically under pressure and the regime's surveillance. Thus, an organization was formed called, "the conscience and politic organization" to accomplish that objective.

Although news on military organizations are not reflected in the media regarding the ideologically closed atmosphere ruling on armed forces, suffice it to say that Muslim cleric Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi, the representative of the Assembly of Experts and a former representative of the Supreme Leader in the army, who was also a parliamentary candidate, was disqualified according to Section one of Article 28 of the constitution for not having a "practical commitment to Islam and the regime" which this article requires for parliamentary candidates!

However, the reports indicate that despite this limitation "Christianity" is growing among military personnel and their family members. It is only because of their sensitive situation that few news reports about this are leaking out.

The situation of Christian staff within the armed forces, however, is concerning. Because of their job, they can never apply for a passport and so they have to leave the country via underground means for fear of their lives.

"Farhad" is an officer in the Iranian navy who got to know Christianity during some missions abroad. He says that despite all the dangers, he goes to church whenever he goes on a mission abroad. If the situation is appropriate he also brings as many "Gospels" back as he can to give away to his family and friends in Iran.

Sometime ago, a website sposored by the Islamic Republic also claimed that at the same time when Iranian government ships docked at Christian dominant countries, Iranian and foreign missionaries contacted Iranian sailors and their crew members, invited them to consider Christianity and distributed items such as gospels and Jesus videos in Farsi among them.

Also, some years ago another person (his name is concealed), a pilot in the Iranian army, who used to be a Quran memorizer and reciter, converted to Christianity. Like many others, he was also forced to flee Iran, via underground means and through many difficulties make his way to Europe for fear of his life.

According to reports, the growing tendency towards Christianity among Iranians has now reached government officials and their family members inside and outside the country. It is to the extent that children of martyrs of the Iran-Iraq war have also been seen to have a tendency towards Christianity (the supporting documents are preserved by Mohabat News and cannot be published).

The spread of Christianity among the armed forces, especially the youth and their families, was more than what could be concealed.

November 8, 2007 was the first time that Iranian Police Chief and the Supreme Leader reacted on this issue. Commander Ahmadi-Moghaddam, the Police Chief said, "Training skillful and expert forces faithful and devoted to Islamic principles is one of the top priorities of the University of Military Science."

Also, last week when the day of the Army was at hand, the Iranian Supreme Leader met with some senior members of armed forces. In this meeting, the Supreme Leader, mentioning some individual and organization vulnerabilities said, "It is possible that individuals become mentally and spiritually vulnerable and corruption penetrates organizations. However sufficient care should always be paid to these matters and necessary measures should be taken. And with respect to integrity, honesty, faith and conducting organization duties as well as prioritizing social interests over personal profits we should prepare a convenient setting for the promotion and development of the country."

Therefore, it seems that the tendency towards Christianity among armed forces members will soon become a more serious challenge for the authorities of the Islamic regime of Iran.


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