Apparent sink hole grows larger

03/23/2013 17:15

MARION — The origins to a ground hole found recently on private property near TCT Network and Life Church Marion off Illinois 37 north of Marion, is unknown, but with recent rain, it’s growing wider and deeper.

Located about 20 yards from the TCT Network property line and about 60 yards from the Christian broadcasting and office building, the hole measures about 20 feet across and 15 feet deep.

Williamson County Sheriff Bennie Vick said his department had received reports recently the hole had doubled in width and size over a week’s period.

Financial officer Shane Chaney at TCT said also based on observations, the hole had doubled in size after torrential rain over the weekend.

Chaney said the hole posed no imminent threat to TNT property.

Vick said the hole belongs on property owned by Terry Labotte who could not be reached through a telephone book listing.

The sheriff said he had no information about the hole and whether it was a man-made excavation or an act of nature.

State officials had no record of the hole. “Our emergency response unit is not aware of it, IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency) has no record of it,” said Rochelle Derochi of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in Springfield.  TheSouthern


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