Animal Sex Farm American Bestiality Advocate Arrested

11/18/2015 09:40

American Bestiality Advocate Arrested in Port Stanley for the Second Time in Three Months

For the second time in three months, Police in Port Stanley have arrested an American man known to authorities as a bestiality advocate and former operator of an animal sex farm.

Investigators aren’t sure how 44-year-old Doug Spink managed to slip back into Canada after being deported in August, but he’s in deep legal trouble following an altercation in Port Stanley on Saturday evening.

Elgin County OPP and Central Elgin Fire were called to a house fire on Brayside Street at approximately 6:19 p.m.

Neighbours told Police when they arrived on scene that there had been a confrontation outside of the home. They claimed that the suspect was holding the owner of the house, which was now on fire, at knifepoint.

Investigators discovered that the suspect had ran down the street and broke into a nearby house. When the suspect was located, Police say he resisted arrest.

While being transported in the cruiser, Police say the suspect continued to resist, causing extensive damage to the police vehicle.

As a result of the investigation, Doug Spink has been charged with the following offenses:

    Assault with a Weapon contrary to the Criminal Code.
    Uttering Threats contrary to the Criminal Code.
    Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose contrary to the Criminal Code.
    Resisting a Police Officer contrary to the Criminal Code.
    Mischief under $5000 contrary to the Criminal Code.
    Break and Enter contrary to the Criminal Code.
    Assault with the Intent to Resist Arrest contrary to the Criminal Code.

Police along with the Ontario Fire Marshalls Office are investigating the cause of the residential fire.

It was the second time Spink was arrested in Port Stanley since August, when he was brought back into custody after mistakenly being released early from the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre.

Spink was deported the following day to the United States where he’s wanted for failing to serve a 90-day sentence for animal cruelty. It’s not clear how he got back into Canada.

He is also accused of stealing a dog from a farm in Washington State, where he once operated an animal sex farm. Spink has not been formally charged in the dog’s 2014 disappearance.

Spink was arrested in 2010 at the heavily wooded compound he called “Exitpoint Stallions Limitee” near the Canadian border along with a 51-year-old tourist from Great Britain, who was accused of having sex with three dogs.

Police seized dozens of dogs and horses, as well as pet mice, some of whom were found with their tails cut off, covered in Vaseline, and had string tied around them.

Spink’s legal trouble began 15 years ago when he started smuggling drugs across the border after suffering financial hardship.

Investigators say he’s recognized as an advocate of zoophilia, which is sex between humans and animals.AM980


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