Abbas: Jerusalem Is Ours

12/03/2012 07:47

Finally, those in the West can take their blinders off. Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has taken off the veil and articulated what the real war is between Islam and the West: not a war over the land of Israel but the religious war between radical Islam on one side and Judaism and Christianity on the other.

In his celebratory speech after his return from the UN, Abbas threw down the gauntlet:  "One day, a young Palestinian will raise the Palestinian flag over Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the state of Palestine!”

By claiming Jerusalem will be the “eternal” capital of “Palestine,” Abbas is not only invalidating Jewish history, but also invalidating Christian history which branched off from its Jewish heritage. The Christian Biblical history acknowledges ancient Jewish claims to the land. From time immemorial Jerusalem was acknowledged as the capital of Israel, with countless references in the Bible and Prophets, as opposed to the Koran, where Jerusalem is never mentioned.

Muslims in Jerusalem have tried to destroy any evidence of Jewish history in the Land of Israel, from ransacking artifacts under the Temple Mount to rewriting history in order to deny the ancient history of Jews in the land.

Besides the obvious attempt to discredit Jews and Christians, Abbas ignores the fact that when Muslims controlled Jerusalem, there was no free access to holy sites, unlike Israel which allows free access.

This blatant hatred of Judeo-Christian history has been incentivized by Barack Obama with his legitimizing of Hamas. That legitimization forced Abbas to divest himself of the moderate mask he disguised himself in and reveal his Islamism in order to cut off Hamas at the knees.

For those who knew that the Arab-Israel war was about religion all along, Abbas' statement is simply an acknowledgment of reality.  Breibart


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