9-acre king of all sinkholes threatens to swallow a whole neighborhood

03/22/2013 21:23

Texas Brine storage tanks near the site of the collapsed salt cavern in Bayou Corne, La. (© Julie Dermansky/Corbis)Sinkholes, bow before your unmerciful king. A collapsing salt mine has caused a nine-acre sinkhole in Louisiana, one that is threatening an entire neighborhood. Residents are being evacuated, and the company that owns the mine, Texas Brine, is paying them $875 a week for temporary housing costs. The Lord of the Sinkholes appeared Aug. 3 and is still growing. Scientists monitoring it say a second cavern may be collapsing. "They caused this damage, and certainly we'll be aggressive in making sure that they pay their bills," Gov. Bobby Jindal says of Texas Brine.  MSN


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