7,400 People Accept Christ at Spain Crusade

02/08/2012 09:37

Charisma:  Tucked in the hills of northwest Spain is a city called Lugo, which is home to nearly 100,000 people.

Lugo is known as the only city in the world to be surrounded by completely intact Roman walls, which stand as high as 45 feet in some places.

But in mid-December, this city was also surrounded with the Holy Spirit.

During the My Hope World Evangelism Through Television project, one Lugo church saw 29 people make commitments to accept Christ into their lives after 19 Matthews opened their homes to show the My Hope Spain program on TV and DVD.

"Glory to God," the district coordinator for Lugo said.

More than 7,400 have made decisions for Christ with 89 percent of the churches reporting. More than 1,000 churches throughout Spain completed the My Hope training, including 8,500 Matthew hosts.

But that doesn't begin to tell the story of how evangelism is taking root in this western European country. Many churches from different regions in Spain have decided to use the My Hope method of evangelism and have committed to repeat the program every three to four months.

"Churches all around Spain have become excited about evangelism again," the coordinator said, "after seeing God's power to change lives."

In the south-central town of Jaén, one woman watched the My Hope program "by accident," and accepted Jesus as her Savior. Several other inmates watched the program as well. The news spread the following day and the program was intentionally turned on for all the inmates to watch.

In a city near Madrid, an entire family accepted Christ through some of the My Hope preparations and prayer times. The family was discipled and decided to open their home to family and close friends. On Dec. 17, a total of 10 guests came to their home to view My Hope and all 10 prayed to receive Christ.

One pastor named Paco had a small church of about 35 people, but large faith. Church members scoured the area for people to invite. They started praying fervently and prepared to receive the guests in their homes. The 35-member congregation prayed for 25 people to make decisions for Christ and when the results of the Matthew homes were all turned in and counted, 24 new believers had been recorded.

Another church consisting of 120 Christians is pastored by a man named Willy. Through My Hope Spain, 40 new believers came to the church, creating a space issue, but the problem was solved quickly. Members simply remodeled the sanctuary by knocking down a wall so everyone could participate in the Sunday service. The new believers, less than a month into their new relationship with the Lord, are already showing fruit, inviting friends to their homes to share Christ.


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