A Video Game that Simulates Sex?

12/18/2010 09:48

From CitizenLink

Microsoft’s new gaming gadget Kinect may already be under many Christmas trees, but a company based in Austria is working to make sure the system is anything but family friendly.

ABCNews.com reported that the company thriXXX has released a demo video showing how the hands-free Kinect system — which works with Xbox 360 — can be used as an interface for a sex game.

“The pornography industry consistently takes new and innovative products and twists them,” said Jeff Johnston, social issues analyst at CitizenLink. “As the apostle Paul said, ‘They invent ways of doing evil.’” (Romans 1:30)

For its part, Microsoft said it “would not condone this type of game for Kinect.” thriXXX said it may be able to work with another company.

“This is another reminder to parents to connect with their children,” Johnston said, “to teach them about God’s design for sexuality and to monitor the technology and media that come into their home.”


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